Метод оздоровления для ленивых. Мастер Му о здоровом сне.

6,843 О том, как молодеть не вставая с кровати Мы проводим во сне больше трети своей жизни. Мы знаем, что во сне происходят мощные восстановительные процессы. Сон- удивительны природный механизм, необходимый для поддержания и укрепления здоровья, залог долгой и плодотворной жизни. Понимая, что болезни всегда легче предупредить, чем вылечить и что судьба – это привычка, … Read more

How to prolong youth. Mu Yuchun.

ушу, Му, Му Юйчунь, семинар, здоровье, долголетие, Одесса

8,832 Conversation with Mu Yuchun about youth, health, lazy dragons, tigers and bamboo wives Friends, we want to share an interesting story about how to keep youth, mobility and lightness. Mu Yuchun has been conducting classes on the Dnieper embankment for many years. He explains to his students the principles that allow to accumulate and … Read more

Peace of mind. Two exercises from Master Mu Yuchun for a healthy nervous system.

15,312 Friends, we continue the series of notes about health, well-being and a fulfilling life. The roots of our prosperity are in the state of our spirit. We asked Master Mu to tell you how to help yourself with a weakness of the nervous system, what to do if you often worry, you are overcome … Read more

Clear vision at any age. Classes at the Mu Yuchun Health Online School.

17,609 Clear vision: exercises, massage, active points. What to avoid for eye health. Friends, we present to your attention a new note from the Health cycle with Mu Yuchun. This time, we are happy to share interesting exercises and recommendations on how to preserve, and in many cases, restore already lost vision. Mu Yuchun showed … Read more

Massage for the neck from Mu Yuchun. Safety precautions and principles

Мастер Му, Му Юйчунь, семинар, Закарпатье, китайская кухня

10,591 Principles of wellness massage for the neck. At one of the online lessons, Mu Yuchun explained and showed how to do a neck massage on his own, what critical mistakes can be avoided by following simple natural principles. Surely everyone faced some kind of problems in the neck. A neck issue can lead to … Read more

Занятия с Му Юйчунем на Днепре в Киеве

Му Юйчунь с учениками

4,084 Занятия с Му Юйчунем на набережной Днепра в Киеве По утрам, уже более 7 лет ученики вместе с Мастером Му Юйчунем занимаются на набережной Днепра. Утренняя практика проходит в любое время года и практически в любую погоду. Набережная стала особенным местом, Местом Силы не только для киевлян. Ради тренировок на Набережной ученики регулярно приезжают из многих … Read more

ZOOM lessons with Mu Yuchun. Health with Mu Yuchun.

6,694 ZOOM lessons with Mu Yuchun Now it has become available to study with Master Mu Yuchun on the ZOOM platform. The experiment, at the request of students who were deprived of the opportunity to regularly study with Mu Yuchun due to quarantine, turned into an independent project. Students from different cities of Ukraine, Latvia, … Read more