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Clear vision: exercises, massage, active points. What to avoid for eye health.

Friends, we present to your attention a new note from the Health cycle with Mu Yuchun. This time, we are happy to share interesting exercises and recommendations on how to preserve, and in many cases, restore already lost vision.
Mu Yuchun showed these exercises during one of the online lessons as part of the Mu Yuchun Health Online School project.

Students from Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, France, USA, Israel, Italy, Great Britain, Austria, Portugal and other countries regularly gather at Master Mu Yuchun Online Health School. For Master Mu, this is a new and interesting experience, an opportunity to transfer knowledge, and you, friends, share your results with us, ask clarifying questions in the comments on our YouTube channel Zhen Gongfu.

Some preliminary remarks on how not to hurt yourself…

Those who have encountered vision problems are probably familiar with various gymnastics, sets of exercises for the eyes. Mu Yuchun immediately warns against diligent performance of exercises that require various strong rotations of the eyes, attempts to look as far as possible to the sides, up, down. Especially it is necessary to be attentive to people prone to high blood pressure. Young and strong people may not immediately feel the consequences of such experiences, but you should take care of yourself.
Your eyes may feel better, especially if you’ve spent a lot of time in front of a monitor and are tired, but there’s a high risk of raising your blood pressure while doing this.

The second remark concerns the habit of rubbing the eyes when they are tired. All of us in childhood were told “not three eyes.” But not in vain … In addition to the danger of infection, the habit of rubbing your eyes can lead to thickening of the skin of the eyelid, inflammation, which is also not very good for visual acuity. Take care of yourself and help your loved ones and friends.

Exercise “Fish” or “Look straight with your eyes closed”.

Sit comfortably, any position in which you feel good will do: lotus or whatever is comfortable for you. You do not need to forcefully take a position that is uncomfortable for you, let your body be pleasant, let your breathing be even. If you want, over time, through gradual and regular practice, the body will become quite mobile and obedient and you will be comfortable sitting in the lotus, but this is not the goal, now you need to grasp the principle.

So, you are sitting comfortably and looking straight ahead, very evenly and gently. The body is soft. Try to close your eyelids with your hands: upper and lower. Gently help yourself, the skin of the eyelids is very delicate. When closing the eyelids, make sure that the pupil looks exactly in the middle. The eyelids are getting closer to each other, the visible strip is getting smaller. At the end, darkness sets in, and the eyes continue to look at the place where the eyelids close. Take your hands off your face. Now your task is not to turn your eyes, gently hold them in position as if you were looking directly into the eyelids, at the place of their connection. Practice like this for a minute. The eyes will always try to escape, gently return them to the center point. Now your eyes and body are resting.

Be sure to do this exercise in a relaxed state. Check yourself that there is no pinch anywhere. Then you will start to see different colors: red, blue, white, then a bright light, like the sun, then the colors fade and again everything becomes black, then everything is blue. Then the blue is gone. And it becomes pleasing to the eyes. After a minute, open your eyes very slowly. Now you can see better into the distance. This effect is immediate. Why is this happening? After this exercise, the eyes relax. There are blood vessels inside the eye. Blood, and with it oxygen, enters the eyes and nourishes them, metabolic processes improve. This is a very useful exercise.

Tapping or “Massage for the eyes”.

Then we begin to tap with a finger or with a palm gently tap on the hand that is pressed to the eyes. It is better to do it with a thumb click. Be sure to look directly into the eyelid so that the pupil is exactly in the middle. You don’t have to do too much to avoid harm. We tap in the region of the left and right eyes. Then, with stroking movements, in circular motions, we pass over the right and left eyes. Next – we tap the back of the head where the projection of our eyes is, we return the hand to the place where we started. Be sure to control your gaze – even, eyes do not run. Then we slowly remove our hands and open our eyes. This is a very enjoyable exercise.

There are many points on the eyebrow. The point where the eyebrows begin is called Ding Ming (ding – eyes, min – color). This point (in the middle of the eyebrow) is called the back of the fish. Two eyebrows look like fish. On the back of the fish there is a dorsal fin to swim smoothly, it is responsible for stabilizing the body.

This point helps to look straight, allows you to see far and clearly all objects. We massage these places with light tapping. The fingers of the hand can only lightly touch the eyes, our task is to transmit a slight vibration to the eyes. The blows should be light, as in the video. Remember that the eyes cannot be massed rubbing or rubbing. There should be a special feeling of “swing” in the eyes. Remember how you used to ride on a swing as a child. The eyes are a very delicate delicate organ, the feeling of “swing” here should also be special, subtle. This does not mean that we are moving our eyes back and forth, our eyes are still looking straight ahead. The subtle “swing” feeling is due to the slight vibration from tapping. This is a good rest for the eyes and a gentle massage that gives rest to the ligaments, eye muscles and improves metabolic processes. Try it and then pay attention to how your eyes began to see after these exercises.

Exercise “Pump”

The next exercise is also quite simple and enjoyable. You probably already understood that our exercises, although they are often difficult, but they certainly give pleasant sensations too. Fold your palms in a boat and cover your eyes with them. Remember that the eyes look straight into the closed eyelids. Use both hands as if they were pumps. As if you want to stretch your eyes out and pull them right into the center of your palms. Just be careful)

Next, cover your face with your palms again, closing your eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, make movements with your hands as if you are opening and closing shutters (see the video for more details, pay attention to the rhythm). On inhalation the shutters open, on exhalation they close.

After this exercise, such a feeling comes – the look is like a wolf who saw meat) This exercise is good for those who have signs of aging, this is a good prevention of age-related changes. For a sustainable result, regularity and slowness in practice are important.

Points for visual acuity and prevention of high blood pressure.

Му Юйчунь показывает активные точки во время одного из семинаров
Mu Yuchun shows active points during one of the seminars

It is good to rub the area behind the ear, then rub the superciliary arches. If you also want for beauty, then direct the movement upward, if only for eye health, then just rub. Then massage under the eyes, touch with your fingers, look at the video how Master Mu does it. You don’t have to press hard, just rub. You can hold it tight with your thumbs. You can fix on the temples with your thumbs with pressure.. The feeling that the pressure has become lower. If a person has high blood pressure, then the eyes are not healthy. Be sure to close your eyes. For many people, pressure problems started from the eyes. Why? Because when you roll your eyes from side to side, the pressure is bound to increase. You have to do this massage. Not hard, just rub! We open our eyes after the exercise. The pressure will drop.

There are also effective points on the thumb. Massage the area around the first joint of the thumb. It is convenient to do this with a coin. Do this massage on both hands. Use a toothpick to find sensitive points on the little finger from the inside closer to the base of the finger, where the finger passes into the palm. Make tingling short movements, injections. It is convenient that you can do it anywhere and at any time.

If you do this massage for a long time, you will gradually feel how your vision is getting better and better.

Exercise “Look at the forest”

Горы и Лес в Закарпатье, где регулярно проходят летние семинары с Му Юйчунем
Mountains and Forest in Transcarpathia, where summer seminars with Mu Yuchun are regularly held

There is another important exercise for the eyes. One Wushu Master showed.

We need a forest, trees, foliage. Look at the forest. Don’t look around, look only in one direction. But it is difficult, for half an hour you cannot close your eyes, blink, rotate your pupils. Half an hour you can not close and turn your eyes. Then, look, there is already a white cloud above the forest. Like a hat. Like a hat. Fog. Why do you see it? It is moisture that rises from the ground. This is water mist. This cloud is small at first, then it gets bigger and bigger. Then more forest. The trees are tall and the cloud is even bigger.

The eyes have muscles, tendons. You pull them lightly, train them when you look far away. Through such standing, you begin to feel the magnet inside. The magnetic field in the eyes creates a wave, back and forth. But on the outside, you yourself remain still. Only feeling. At this time, the blood supply to the eyes improves.

But, it’s pretty difficult. Why? Firstly, you need to do this for at least half an hour, the more – the better. Secondly, be sure to do it in the morning. In the evening it is not necessary, it is necessary in the morning. In pure time. If it is not possible to go out into the forest in the morning, it is not scary. Do exercises with tapping and pumping, massaging points – these are exercises proven by personal experience.

Love and respect your eyes and vision!

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