How to prolong youth. Mu Yuchun.

Conversation with Mu Yuchun about youth, health, lazy dragons, tigers and bamboo wives

Friends, we want to share an interesting story about how to keep youth, mobility and lightness. Mu Yuchun has been conducting classes on the Dnieper embankment for many years. He explains to his students the principles that allow to accumulate and save energy. Watch the video with a detailed description and demonstration of the exercises on our Zhen Gongfu channel.

The Mu Yuchun Online School is also successfully working, thanks to which a community of like-minded people from different parts of the World has emerged, speaking a dozen languages.

-Master, tell me what is the benefit for the elderly in this exercise? Does it help keep you young?

This is so that grandparents will always be young, never grow old. This exercise helps the knees. Many older people have knee pain. Why do they hurt? Because you are lazy, do not exercise for health. If you do this exercise every day a little bit – there will already be an effect.

This can be done at any time, but you can not do this exercise on a full stomach. When you feel that you want to practice, that you enjoy it, you should immediately engage. This is a good time to practice. At this time, energy is concentrated in the Dantian area of ​​Dantian, inside the abdomen. Rib, shoulder, neck, head – all parts of the body work. Do it when you feel energized.

If you feel weak in your body or want to sleep, do not exercise at this time. Better lie down and sleep. If you do not go to bed, then there will be a loss of health. Sometimes people say that they do not sleep at night because they slept during the day. It is not true. Even if you sleep during the day, you can still sleep normally at night. When you are tired, then you sleep well. It helps the metabolic processes. I collect energy so that it will be easy for me later. When it became easy for me, I still do a little more, 5-10 minutes. When I’m tired, I immediately go to bed. It is better to go to bed than to sit in a chair to rest.

When you sit, you start to think, get bored. Because of thoughts you don’t rest, you cannot be healthy. It is necessary to relax the body as much as possible, you will definitely fall asleep.

-But how to sleep?

Five pillows are needed: under the neck, under the arm, hug one pillow so as not to pinch the heart, put another pillow between the legs. When you turn on the other side, a fifth pillow is placed under the second arm. Some people have arm pain. Because all night long there is a tension. You cannot be healthy because of this sleep tension. Be sure to put on a pillow. Then the hand rests and does not hurt. Previously, such pillows were made from bamboo and were called “bamboo wives”.

In the next post, we will talk more about the principles of healthy sleep.

– And what is this exercise with a stick called “Lazy Dragon”?

Mu Yuchun with the disciples during the seminar
Mu Yuchun shows a student how to do the “Lazy Dragon” exercise during a workshop

Why lazy dragon? Because exercises cannot be done quickly, you must not rush. You have to be like a fat snake. Do it slowly. You can not do the exercise quickly.

That’s why it’s called “lazy dragon”. Why the dragon?

In China, the back is called “dragon”. Because we are spinning like a dragon – left, right. But our belly is called “tiger”. The tiger always opens its mouth wide. And the dragon is always the opposite – with a closed mouth. The sounds it makes are similar to those of a snake. The tiger always utters sounds that seem to come from the stomach. Dantian works. Movements of the abdomen up and down.

When Dantian works well, it is easy for you to go to the toilet. All toxins leave the body, you are healthy. The dragon’s spine is very soft, the blood supply is excellent, the nerves are healthy, the meridians are healthy, you cannot get sick. Do these exercises and your health will definitely improve.

This is called a “dragon” when all the muscles are twisted. It’s like you don’t have bones, only meat. Make wave-like and springy movements with your body. This exercise for the sciatic nerve helps to solve issues related to women’s and men’s health. Be sure to make springy movements. Make springy movements and rocking like on a swing.

At the end of the lesson, you can drink some ginger drink to be pleasant in your mouth. Tasty! Ginger is good for health. It is sharp, “bites” you. Saliva is more. This is very good.

-We’ve all heard stories about how tough people used to be. Why is everything different now?

In China at that time, there were few jobs, no Internet, and few books. Only physical work, then everyone went home and rested. They did only these exercises, there were no other activities. Later, dances appeared in China, then radio, then a film projector, and so on, further development went on. Phones appeared and students began to study less. They became weak.

Why am I better than the other students who studied? Because my family is poor, after school I went home to eat and there was nothing else to do. Of course I went to work. The richest people had the worst. Because they have a lotate: what to eat tasty? Where to go for a walk? What is interesting to do? Therefore, they were weak. They didn’t exercise much.

The era of the Internet and TV has made people even weaker. But strong people still remain, such as Han Jie. One of the last strong people is my Teacher. He is now 87 or 88 years old. We met him in Beijing in 2014, he was still strong. He showed us different exercises…

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