Massage for the neck from Mu Yuchun. Safety precautions and principles

Principles of wellness massage for the neck.

Массаж для шеи на онлайн уроке с Му Юйчунем
Mu Yuchun explains the principles of safe neck massage during an online lesson.

At one of the online lessons, Mu Yuchun explained and showed how to do a neck massage on his own, what critical mistakes can be avoided by following simple natural principles.

Surely everyone faced some kind of problems in the neck. A neck issue can lead to a whole series of problems: pressure, dizziness, tinnitus, a feeling of nasal congestion, a feeling of a lump in the throat, and much more.

The solution seems obvious: if your neck hurts, then you need to rub your neck properly, twist it around, stretch it and use many other (often unsafe) tricks. But, we have one neck and we also have one head, which means we should be extremely careful.

But, we have one neck and we also have one head, which means we should be extremely careful!!!

How to properly massage the neck and not harm?

The neck really loves massage, but does not like twisting, sharp jerking manipulations. You may have noticed that if you stretch your neck a lot, it brings relief at first, but in the long run the problem does not go away, and possibly worsens.

One of the unsafe practices is what in everyday life is called “crunching” the neck. The joint can take the wrong position, a sudden movement can provoke muscle spasm, impaired blood flow, pinched nerve.

In order for the massage to be safe (whether you are doing it yourself or helping someone), you need to take the correct position. Try to put your palm on the crown and feel its weight, lightly press. A person is always between Earth and Heaven, draws health and energy from them. Putting your hand on the crown, giving yourself additional sensations, you can check how even your body is relative to Heaven and Earth.

Our body should not dangle uncontrollably. This is also very important during the massage. Look for a way to fix the head in such a way that allows the neck to relax, but at the same time not to let the head fall, hang over, give the head additional support.

Further, when doing a massage, try to maintain uniform pressure, do not leave voids in motion. There should be a feeling that the movement does not end. Try (always with warm hands) to hold your head with one hand, gently warm it up with the other, rub the back of your head and the back of your neck.

How else can you help the neck?

Also, the safest way to help cope with neck pain is acupressure. Our hands, as well as the whole body, have projections of different organs. In the video, Master Mu explains in detail how to look for points to alleviate neck problems. Having found these points once, you will be able to help yourself and your loved ones.

Another place whose massage helps with neck pain, headaches, pressure surges is the base of the skull. In addition, this is a very pleasant massage, if you try it, you will surely feel as if your eyes began to see better, your ears to hear better, the world becomes brighter and louder.

And finally – our legs carry our whole body, health, like illness and old age, begin with the legs. Regardless of whether you feel healthy or have some problems – be sure to pay attention every day to a general soft foot massage, keep your feet warm, warm foot baths are pleasant and beneficial. In the next article, we will talk more about this simple and effective way to maintain health. In the video, Master Mu shows points on the feet that are effective in solving neck problems.

Be sure to watch the massage technique and the principles of finding points in the video, turn on the subtitles, share your feelings.

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