Peace of mind. Two exercises from Master Mu Yuchun for a healthy nervous system.

Friends, we continue the series of notes about health, well-being and a fulfilling life. The roots of our prosperity are in the state of our spirit. We asked Master Mu to tell you how to help yourself with a weakness of the nervous system, what to do if you often worry, you are overcome by fears and what are the possible causes of these conditions.

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Below we will look at some causes of low vitality and simple ways to help yourself.

What to do if a person has a weak nervous system?

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Regular practice helps to strengthen the body and be in a good mood. Morning training during the seminar.

Why does it happen that a person suffers from unreasonable fears, excitement, easily loses his peace of mind or cannot recover from shocks for a long time. Often such conditions are accompanied by a whole range of unpleasant manifestations: apathy, insomnia, absent-mindedness, fussiness, anxiety, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, heart or breathing.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the reason for this is that your energy is not harmonious, not collected and not strong. The body is weak. Such people often do little exercise. The whole body – muscles, nerves and tendons are very weak. A person can be overcome by nightmares. How to solve this problem?

The first is breathing. Breathing is very important. Shallow breathing that does not involve the whole body in the process is a common sign of chronic stress. It is necessary to make a measured long exhalation with a sound. Breathe in through your nose and take a long breath. We do not breathe with the chest, we do not breathe with the lungs, we breathe below, with the “belly”. We try to direct the breath to a place in the navel area. In China, this place is called dantian. Energy is concentrated here.

Why exactly here? When we were in the embryonic state, before we were born, energy from our mother comes to us through the umbilical cord. This energy is not ours, it is a “gift” from my mother. We can say that this is nature or God gave us a gift. This energy keeps us safe.

When we are born, we are no longer a fetus, but a person, at this time the umbilical cord is cut. And in this place the energy is as if sealed inside of us. All energies merge into one: mother’s, father’s and yours. When we die, energy also leaves. We need to keep it. With the help of this practice, this can be achieved

The practice of conservation and harmonization of energy through breathing

In this video, Master Mu explains in detail and shows the technique of exercises for peace of mind.

Take a deep breath in the navel area. And a normal breath. Directly from the top of the head, we make a smooth exhalation aloud, descending to the navel. You can even close your eyes at this time. Then we breathe slowly. You have to be quiet, not too loud. Try to feel how the air moves. Now breathe out quietly. Breathe not with your mouth, not with your chest, breathe in the navel area, down. Take these 10-15 breaths.

Then we make loud exhalations, we are looking for a rhythm.

We are looking for a magnet between the hands. On the inhale we open our arms, on the exhale we bring them together. When a magnet is found, the hands become warm, the nervous system is pleasant. If you haven’t found it, you are cold, at this time your hands and feet are cold, sometimes not only the hands are cold, but the whole hand, like a chill goes all over the body and with it – excitement. This is temporary, the heat will come soon.

When it gets warm, you will feel much better. You may try.

Energy and tapping

second exercise. If you have already found a magnet, then start tapping in the chest area, exhaling loudly, making the lungs vibrate. At the same time, chant the sound “a”. See how Master Mu does in the video. The main thing is to keep the rhythm. You can open your fingers and do it with your palm. When you find the rhythm, your nervous system immediately calms down. Rhythm has a special calming effect on the nervous system.

Do this exercise for one or two minutes and you will become much calmer. But this requires regularity. If you liked this exercise and you did it 1 time for the sake of interest, then there will be no long-term effect. If you want to stop worrying at all, become calmer, then you must definitely practice regularly. The roots of this knowledge about energy in the tradition and history of wushu, one might say – in the history of kung fu. Only a systematic approach will lead you to success.

This practice has helped many people improve their health. We look forward to your comments on how your health has improved.

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