The fear of death and “the magnet”

2,227 Author Dana Hubka The fear of death is common to everyone. Sooner or later each gives thought to the fact that we are guests in this world and we will have to leave it at some point… How to deal with the fear of death or, rather, how to embrace the fact that all … Read more

Our body is like beach sand

2,252 Author Dana Hubka During the first stage of human development, the stage of being (0 to 6 months old babies) touching is essential. Touches of the closest, the dearest person – loving Mother. Without them, a child can’t develop to its fullest potential. In Transactional Analysis these touches are called non-verbal strokes. Strokes are … Read more

A child comes into this world

3,066 Unbalanced diet, overweight, anorexia. What do these health issues have in common? Let’s have a look at them from the cycles of person’s development point of view, so called “cycles of strength” (author Pamela Levin). Author Dana Hubka It’s not a secret that everything in our life is cyclic. As an element of Nature … Read more

The first magnet.

4,638 We are the children of Earth. We exist here thanks to its “magnet” or gravity. Earth has its own magnetic field, each item that we see also has its own magnetic field. Blood circulates in our veins due to the magnetic field. Author Dana Hubka The “magnet” is the basis. The basis for all … Read more