The fear of death and “the magnet”

Author Dana Hubka

The fear of death is common to everyone. Sooner or later each gives thought to the fact that we are guests in this world and we will have to leave it at some point…

How to deal with the fear of death or, rather, how to embrace the fact that all of us are mortal?

Let us look into the matter. You do not have to accept all the ideas presented. It is great if you adopt at least one.

  1. We will all die. Eventually. Each in their own time. Death is the logical end of life.
  2. The fear of death is common to all living creatures. It is natural because we do not know what is out there.
  3. If you are horrified of the unknown and the fact that you will not exist after the death, think that you did not exist before the birth!
  4. If this idea is not comforting enough, you might solace from the fact that you are significant for someone in this life and will be alive in their hearts.
  5. While living in this world, focus on the present. Enjoy every good stuff in your life: sunrise, a child’s smile, a tasty cup of morning coffee or hugs from the dearest! Do not waste your energy on unnecessary things! They will not do anything good to anyone and are worthless compared to Eternity!
  6. It is easier for people of faith to embrace the death as a logical end of their earthly journey! If it helps you, adopt a religion of your choice!
  7. We are incredibly lonely …. Each is born alone and dies alone! Therefore, it is better to fill this journey of life with pleasant things and time with good people!
  8. Do not worry that you will not manage to do something on this Earth: will not see, will not get, will not complete a thing or will not love enough. Everything happens when it is supposed to happen! Everything happens in their own time… That is your life journey and it is as unique as you are!
  9. This world will exist without you the same way as it exists now… probably with some little changes. Anyway, it will no longer matter to you!
  10. So, fill yourself with love! Every day! Every hour! You might leave behind only love in this world! Love in the hearts of the closest people…
  11. To live the moment, to feel every move of your body, to catch “the magnet” – that is what Master Mu Yuchun teaches us! If you are able to feel part of this world, feel the pleasure of being “here and now” – the fear will retreat… Joy and acceptance will come!
  12. Every day you should work out for better health! “At least something, at least a little… One is not zero” – as Master Mu loves to say!
  13. When you get up in the morning and instead of drinking a cup of coffee you go outside, head to the nearest park or just stay in and start catching “the magnet”, doing exercises, your body fills with oxygen, you move easier and your body becomes obedient and grateful. You will feel part of this world and you will greet any day – sunny or dull – with joy!

That is the best beginning of the day that you will surely spend feeling alive and being active! Appreciate your body and take care of it while you are still in this world!

Author Dana Hubka