The first magnet.

We are the children of Earth. We exist here thanks to its “magnet” or gravity. Earth has its own magnetic field, each item that we see also has its own magnetic field. Blood circulates in our veins due to the magnetic field.

Author Dana Hubka

The “magnet” is the basis. The basis for all life. Our Master Mu teaches us to look for the “magnet”, which is a pillar of each and every exercise.

A baby feels the first magnet in its mother’s womb. Thus, when the mother is well disposed and she is in a good mood during her pregnancy, the baby feels warm vibrations. But when the mother is tired or nervous, it can influence the baby in a very negative way.

So, the baby is born… It comes out of the warm womb… This is a big stress for it. Now it has to live on its own, breathe independently. But even though the umbilical cord has been cut, the baby is still strongly attached to its mother. This is the first stage of human development, the stage of being that lasts from 0 to 6 months. The mother’s task is not an easy one during this period. She must guess as many baby’s wishes as she can, and give all her warmth to it in order not to harshly cut off the “magnet” when the baby felt comfortable in the womb.
This is when so called healthy mother child symbiosis continues.

Traumas received during this stage of human development are very deep. Being deprived of warmth, stroking, regular meals, children may have certain problems when they grow up. One of them is the lack of their body perception.

Master Mu offers very interesting and effective exercises, which I would link to early developmental problems. They activate the energy of a body spot situated next to the navel. This is the point of earliest connection with one’s mother. One should rhythmically and delicately press slightly below the navel using both hands. While doing this one can also make sounds to the pressing rhythm. All that must be done gently and rhythmically.

That way, you activate the energy of the “magnet” – the energy of the first prenatal bonding with your mother.

Author Dana Hubka