Our body is like beach sand

Author Dana Hubka

During the first stage of human development, the stage of being (0 to 6 months old babies) touching is essential. Touches of the closest, the dearest person – loving Mother. Without them, a child can’t develop to its fullest potential. In Transactional Analysis these touches are called non-verbal strokes. Strokes are extremely important in adulthood as well. A person deprived of strokes (both verbal and non-verbal) is unconfident, often lost and insecure.

In order to develop self-confidence it is crucial to fulfill the lack of these strokes. A child who has not received enough non-verbal strokes often experiences health issues, such as problems with skin, blood and the nervous system.

As an adult such person must necessarily get massages. Massage helps to relax, stimulates muscle work and calms down the nervous system very well.
Master Mu Yuchun teaches us to do self-massage by tapping on the body and energy spots with one’s palms. That is a great stimulation of all organs and perfect morning routine to boost your productivity during the day!

By body tapping we also stimulate blood circulation that is vital for maintaining good health. The Master likes to illustrate the effect of the body tapping by providing comparison with beach sand… Try patting the sand while sitting on the shore. The more you pat, the more water comes to the place where you pat. The same is true for our body: the more you tap on it, the better blood circulates all around the body.

You can tap on different body parts, the main thing is that your hands should be like antennas accumulating “the magnet”. It is amazing that with the help of our inner “magnet” (that we are learning to feel) we can heal ourselves.

Those who love getting massages must have noticed that you can feel differently after massage sessions. I have been getting massages for many years from more than one massage therapist, so I can compare their impact on my body. After some massage sessions you feel relaxed and sleepy, after the others your body aches for weeks and after the third ones your body just can’t stop trembling… These different effects are caused by different energies that are transferred from the people who touch your body. A massage therapist is an incredibly important and close person. They must be energetically healthy. The first and foremost massage rule is that the hands of a massage therapist should be warm. Otherwise, they would take your energy away and the massage would do more harm than good.

That is why Master Mu touches the hands of seminar’s participant before the start. Your hands must be warm while doing the exercises as well. Since all the exercises that the Master gives are connected with “the magnet”, you can train effectively and improve your health only when you feel the warmth of your “magnet”. That is an amazing feeling! The feeling of your healthy body!

Author Dana Hubka
E-mail: danahubka70@gmail.com