A child comes into this world

Unbalanced diet, overweight, anorexia. What do these health issues have in common? Let’s have a look at them from the cycles of person’s development point of view, so called “cycles of strength” (author Pamela Levin).

Author Dana Hubka

It’s not a secret that everything in our life is cyclic. As an element of Nature that has cycles and stages, the human being also goes through the cycles of child development in adulthood, that is absolutely natural and useful.
Many things become clear, when we are familiar with the cycle stages, their main tasks and ways of using them for self-support and achieving success.

A child comes into this world, it is helpless, it completely depends on its mother. Its upmost need is food, stroking and physical warmth. These tactile senses let it feel that it exists in this world. Taking into account this first knowledge, the baby makes its first decision regarding what life is and what to do to survive. This development stage is called the stage of being. It lasts from 0 to 6 months. The main organs that are involved at this stage are stomach and skin. The problems with these organs and everything linked to them (overweight, anorexia, problem skin) mean that the stage of being was went through incorrectly, when the baby’s needs weren’t satisfied for some reasons.

Excessive food consumption in older age occurs when during the stage of being the child wasn’t fed in time because of the lack of food or for some other reasons, as well as in case when the child was fed without need or was force-fed. The feeling of anger, that appears during this development stage and remains forever, is neutralized by nothing else but excessive food consumption.
The same mechanism applies to anorexia. But in this case the feeling of anger is neutralized by refusing food.
One way or another, these problems are connected with satisfying the basic need – the need for food, and they are linked to mother’s image…

To make the stomach and all digestive system work better, Master Mu Yuchun offers exercises and spots for self-massage.

Remember how the babies move their tongues? They move it chaotically inside their mouths. Try it. Your salivation will start. Such movements stimulate the receptors situated on the tip of the tongue. They also involve the root of the tongue, where the nerve endings connected to digestive system are situated.

Another exercise – gentle tongue biting. We bite our tongue over the whole surface with our teeth. This exercise also stimulates our digestive system.

Author Dana Hubka

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