Czech Republic. Centrum Buchov. Sеminar “Health with Master Mu Yuchun”. 21-23 June, 2024.

“My personal meeting and experience with Master Mu was powerful and magical.
Like everyone else, I was looking forward to it and if I hadn’t been so indisposed, I would have enjoyed it more. My body, organs, were poisoned by chemicals, I couldn’t eat or live, so with a little strength I went to the seminar. The master not only taught me how to take care of myself, although it is personally quite challenging when you have no strength and you are at your wits end, but he himself very patiently took care of me in such a way that my body was started to recover again. I owe him a lot of thanks for that, because I survived.
It’s about discipline and approach to it all. To access the gifts that the Master gives to us and to ourselves, and also how we will handle it all. About humility towards ancient, working techniques that have been tested for millennia.
I am not surprised if someone wants to be in close proximity with the Master, because the Master is imbued with great energy and an “infectious” smile. We were able to test his skill and lightness even in the open air while practicing the unique BaGua walk, or searching for the coveted magnet that is a cure for everything.

Thanks again.”

(c) Katka (Transleted from Czech)

Practical health exercises with the master of traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts Mu Yuchun and his team.

Date: 21-23 June, 2024.

Location: Centrum BUCHOV, Czech Republic.

Language of seminar: Cz

Phones for registration (Telegram, WhatsApp):
MILUŠE +420 776 701 035 (Сz)
VLADIMIR +38 063 22 99 447 (En) Telegram @FedortsovVladimir

Course schedule:
19:00-21:00 Introduction – exercises, briefing

9:00-10:30 Practice
10:45-12:00 Massage
16:30-17:45 Practice
19:00-21:00 Practice+Massage

9:00-10:30 Practice
10:45-12:00 Massage

The schedule may be adjusted depending on the weather conditions and the progress of the exercises.

More about Mu Yuchun:

Seminars, Mu Yuchun, Czech Republic, 2023
Seminars with Mu Yuchun, Czech Republic, 2023


The master will be accompanied by his senior students – the winner of the World and European championships in traditional wushu, Honored coach of Ukraine Vladimir Fedortsov, two-time European champion in traditional wushu Zulfiya Khazheyeva and Natalia Volkova.

Seminars are good for both beginners and experienced students.

All seminars and meetings with Mu Yuchun are unique. Different knowledge is gradually gathering in one, as part of one large and beautiful picture.
Mu Yuchun, Oksana Pirnikovа
On the seminar with Mu Yuchun

More about Master Mu Yuchun on the website Association of Traditions and Culture of China

On YouTube channel ZhenGongfu.

  The program will include:
  • Practices for activating internal energy,
  • Exercise for coordination of movements,
  • point massage, traditional Chinese medicine – theory and practice,
  • Massage, self -massage.
  The seminar will help you:
    • improve health, coordination,
    • increase immunity, attention, physical ability,
    • strengthen the cardiovascular system,
    • will help accumulate vital energy,
    • relieve muscle tension
    • relieve stress, give a sense of security.
What is Health?
This is a measure of the vital activity of our body.
This is what we are working on at these meetings. Together with Master Mu and his team, we are improving our vital functions. In class, through simple movements, we develop Attention and Feelings toward our Body and the things that surround us.

Once we have a sufficient level of attention and feeling, our Body begins to “work” on its own and we only need to listen and guide.

The lessons influence our body so that all our external and internal movements begin to synchronize and turn into one whole continuous Movement. The most important processes, such as – blood circulation, – digestion, – bone and nervous systems begin to work in harmony.
This yields amazing results – a comprehensive recovery of the whole body. Everything that can be solved without medical intervention, our Body learns to solve on its own, and where the intervention is necessary, it learns to react immediately. In class, we learn how to quickly accumulate and accurately distribute Forces. We just move, and everything else happens by itself!

Му Юйчунь, Семинар, ушу, Здоровье, Одесса, 2017
Master Mu Yuchun

Zhen Gongfu is a tradition, which is rooted in the ancient knowledge about Wushu and Chinese Medicine and Philosophy, delivered by an authentic source – Master Mu Yuchun.
In direct translation, Zhen Gongfu means ‘Clean, honest and pure art’ – the main principal of healthy spiritual growth.

The mission of the Zhen Gongfu is to preserve, and disseminate the immense wealth of knowledge and expertise about maintaining and improving health, shared with us by Master Mu Yuchun.

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