Krakow. Poland. Seminar “Health with Mu Yuchun”. 10-12 May, 2024.

Krakow, Poland, Seminar, Health, Mu Yuchun, May, 2024.

1,988 “This experience was very valuable, and the master and his team, Vladimir, Zulfiya and Natalia, were an excellent teacher. I recommend these classes to everyone looking for ways to improve their health and well-being through Chinese practices.” (c) Chinenye (Translated from Polish) This is a unique opportunity to learn directly from an acclaimed Master … Read more

Bologna. Italy. Seminar “Health and Wellbeing with Master Mu Yuchun”. 24-26 May, 2024.

Bologna, Italy, Seminar, Health, Wellbeing, Master Mu Yuchun, May, 2024.

1,798 “Master Mu Yuchun teaches profound knowledge, which he transmits through movements, sounds, images and philosophy coming from the Chinese tradition; a practice suitable for everyone, inspired by the movements of nature and traditional Chinese medicine, which strengthens the body, introduces traditional gymnastics and martial arts, teaches self-care through finger pressure and natural remedies… and … Read more

Puglia. Italy. Seminar “Health and Wellbeing with Master Mu Yuchun”. 31 may – 2 June, 2024.

Puglia, Italia, Seminario, Salute, Maestro Mu Yuchun, 2024.

1,102 “I was trying to delve deeper into the themes of Chinese medicine related to the 5 elements and Qigong and after visualizing I immediately wanted to try the exercise for intestinal regularity. Master Mu had warned that if they didn’t suffer from constipation we might have to rush to the bathroom but I was … Read more

Dresden. Germany. Seminar “Health with Master Mu Yuchun“. 14-16 june, 2024.

Dresden, Germany, Seminar, Health, Master Mu Yuchun, 2024.

1,670 Practical health exercises with the famous master of traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts Mu Yuchun. These exercises develop a completely different culture of movement. Seminar participants will learn the correct structure of the body. Acquired knowledge and skills will help to remove blocks in the body, improve coordination of movements and movement goals. Date: … Read more

Czech Republic. Centrum Buchov. Sеminar “Health with Master Mu Yuchun”. 21-23 June, 2024.

Czech Republic, Centrum Buchov, Sеminar, Health, Master Mu Yuchun, June, 2024.

761 “My personal meeting and experience with Master Mu was powerful and magical. Like everyone else, I was looking forward to it and if I hadn’t been so indisposed, I would have enjoyed it more. My body, organs, were poisoned by chemicals, I couldn’t eat or live, so with a little strength I went to … Read more

Tatry. Slovakia. Seminar “Health with Master Mu Yuchun”. 26-30 June 2024.

Tatry, Slovakia, Seminar, Health, Master Mu Yuchun, June, 2024.

821 Practices for health and wellbeing with the famous Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts Mu Yuchun (Mu Yuchun / 穆玉春). Master Mu Yuchun – founder of the Association of Traditions and Culture of China Zhen Gongfu in Ukraine, Master of Internal Styles of Traditional Wushu, recognized as a connoisseur of the basics … Read more