Master Mu Yuchun. The Human. The Legend. The Teacher. Not the God. The Energy. Who is he?

George Kozhukhar

For me finding a person like him is a great value and happiness in my life. Not everyone living on the Earth is lucky enough to meet such a legendary teacher – Master Mu Yuchun – what is even more, to be taught by him.

No highest possible epithets and praises for this person, that he, no doubt, deserves, can be compared to real strong feelings, experienced during the lessons with the Master, meeting with him and having live communication with him.

So, which feelings does every lesson, every seminar, every training and every meeting evoke? I would like to share this and many other things with you, dear readers.

The basis of the basis, according to Master, is the sky above your head and the earth under your feet, and we are between them. Humans live between Yin and Yang, the Sky and the Earth. It is a great feeling of holding the Sky with our hands and resting our feet on the ground, being between them. It is important to feel this balance to stay between them and do what your body demands – either stand or move, just like in life, you either stand or take decisions and move in any directions.

Master’s Mu teaching involves feeling inside, gathering the energy from the Sky and the Earth, putting it altogether, finding it in so called “inside the pillar” or “inside the tree” exercises, searching for the “magnet”. When you find the magnet, you feel the warmth inside your body, bursting, filling of blood vessels. By listening to your body, to the blood circulating, to the heart beating, to the muscles moving, to the tendon stretching, you experience the pain in your muscles and you immerse yourself in yourself… you are inside yourself, deep inside yourself and your body. Hard work that is invisible from outside, lots of hard work. It is not for beauty, not for someone to see how beautiful it is. It is just for you, inside yourself! All the exercises come hand in hand with the feelings of comfort, warmth and cosiness. All movements should be performed very gently and fluidly, in the same way as the pump works: rhythmically, without stops, with different amplitudes and at different speeds. The Master keeps reminding that all the movements should be made consciously and not mechanically, from deep within one’s body to make one’s body feel comfortable in different directions.

There are a lot of different sciences, practices, techniques and arts in the world. There are even more worlds – the world of science, the world of art, the world of animals, the world of plants and so on, and all these worlds are studied and explored at a high level. There is also the world of oneself, of each person, of self-exploring. It is not about anatomy, not about the person’s structure, not about our thoughts and deeds, it is about our feelings and emotions – the world that we forget about, the world that we explore so seldom and remember it only when we are in critical condition, feel worried, have troubles or during disasters.

This inner world is exactly what Master Mu Yuchun discovers and helps to study in his lessons. All his long-term experience in teaching wushu, tai chi, bagua, gung fu and quigong has been put together with one goal in mind – to help other people to be healthy, and therefore the Master teaches them how to find themselves, to study and to observe their feelings and emotions, to work on themselves every day. Only regular work with your own body and feeling its energy help the human to live a high quality and harmonic life fully. It might sound grandiosely, but that is true, Mu Yuchun does not only help many people on this planet to be healthy and active, he also teaches his followers so that they could help even more people around the world.

The Master often says that he is not the king, not the God, he cannot just wave his hand and… lo and behold, the person becomes healthy. He only helps the person to recover on his or her own with the help of trainings and self-massages.

He keeps emphasizing that he is not a fast-acting medicine; he is a helper, a person who gives an impulse to our spiritual growth and changes in the depths of our consciousness. Studying one’s feelings and working with one’s inner energy is painstaking, yet extremely rewarding work that brings pleasant feelings of home, warmth, kindness, inner peace, confidence and balance.

What is a seminar with Master Mu Yuchun for me?

Firstly, it is an overwhelming feeling of joy when I meet with my dear Master, his disciples and like-minded people. Every time it is like getting together with my family, my nearest and dearest, when each person might look for a different thing and perhaps even finds it, but is still searching for himself or herself.

Secondly, at every seminar you experience something new; even while doing the exercises that you already know, you experience new feelings.

Thirdly, the charm of the seminars is spontaneity, the absence of a training programme and improvisation. Various directions and unlimited number of movement routes are available at the trainings. As there are infinitely many movements and exercises, they never repeat, they only intertwine. The seminars take place in the warmest, the friendliest atmosphere thanks to Mu Yuchun’s kind heart. He also shares amusing images, the explanation of some exercises, what they are needed for and the history of their origin. These health practices, being a few thousand years old, make us plunge into the depth of our body and consciousness. In every meeting, the charismatic Master surprises us with his care, clarity of thoughts, ease of communication; he gives the energy and the freedom of the soul.

Mu Yuchun is a very modest person in all aspects: in his everyday life, his clothes, his food, and the way of communication. He is an open, easy-going and a very jolly person.

You feel tired after every lesson, but if you worked properly, pleasant fatigue comes. First seminars and trainings can be difficult not only physically but also mentally because of a lot of interesting information given. However, later, when you get involved in the process, they become easier. A very important aspect that Mu Yuchun emphasizes is to repeat the exercises many times and to do them consciously. It is also very important to understand that if you fail to do something or you do it incorrectly, you should proceed doing it. As the Master says: “Whether you understand it now or not – you will understand it later”. It is very important not to quit training, working out, and soon you will experience the feelings of pleasure, rhythm, warmth, fluidity of movement, and flight of your soul.

At a seminar, Mu Yuchun figuratively described a human. The human tends to have anything and to take anything. The God helps everyone, He gives everything to everyone, and He gives power to everyone. The Satan interferes with us, he destroys, he ruins, he does not allow anyone to develop, he takes everything away from people. Even though, every person has both Divine and Demonic manifestations, yet the person isn’t the God and isn’t the Satan; it’s still better for the person to follow the God`s will – to help other people, and avoid doing what the Satan does: interfering and taking everything away from people. It is an ancient philosophy that Master Mu Yuchun follows and that he is sharing with us wishing people to be kind and healthy, wishing them to love and rejoice the life.

With great gratitude and love to Master Mu Yuchun, his disciples Volodymyr Fedortsov, Zulfiya Khazeyeva, Nataliya Volkova, Dariya Lutsenko, and all other Master’s disciples for their tireless work, wishing them good health!

Together with China International Culture Association, we invite everyone to meet with Master Mu Yuchun!

Author George Kozhukhar