George Kozhukhar

Master Mu Yuchun’s follower.

Co-organizer of the seminars in L’viv and in Slavsko (a town in Carpathians). Born on December 11, 1970 in L’viv (Ukraine).

Since childhood George has been actively going in for sports: swimming, mountain skiing (as a member of Intercollegiate Junior National Team of Ukraine), and dancing (for 18 years).
After finishing school, George entered L’viv Polytechnic Institute, where he was studying electro physical processes and was researching microelectronic and semiconductor devices. During his studies, George participated in mountain skiing competitions as a member of the institute team and danced in a dance group called “Virnitst’’” (“Fidelity”) for five years, touring around Europe, the USA and Canada.

He instilled a love of sport and active lifestyle into all his children and close people.

After graduating from institute, George decided to change his specialization. In 1993, he took interest in real estate business and became one of the first estate agents in L’viv. Since then George has worked in various real estate companies and subsequently set up his own companies called “Syndicate Invest” and “Syndicate Real Group”.

As a hobby George took up massage (he undertook the respective training at the time), acupuncture, magnetic therapy. He also attended Su Jock seminars conducted by O. Hrabous – a famous doctor and a lecturer of the Department of Unconventional Medicine. Now George is into light therapy (Zepter bioptron), music and colour therapy.

“Meeting Master Mu Yuchun and his friendly team, led by Volodymyr Fedortsov, was one of those important events that usually happen accidentally.

In May 2019 my wife and I were visiting our old friend in Odesa. Every morning she worked out by the sea and she told us she was doing Wushu in a company of cheerful people. Our friend gave us Fedortsov’s phone number, so I called him and we agreed to hold a seminar with the Master in autumn in L’viv. This is how we got to know each other spontaneously. We held two seminars in L’viv (in October 2019 and February 2020) and a big seminar in Slavsko, Carpathians (in October 2021).

Wonderful meetings with the Master at the seminars and during online Wushu trainings inspire, give a surge of strength, as well as bright and pleasant emotions. Every time you discover something new. New exercises. New feelings at each session.

Let’s join and unite around the legendary Master Mu Yuchun!!!”