How to join online lessons

Online lessons with Mu Yuchun are held according to the schedule:
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 19.00 – 20.30 Kiev (Ukraine) time.

Classes are held on the ZOOM platform, and invitations to the lesson appear in our group in the Telegram messenger
(Register in Zoom, установить install Telegram)

In Telegram, find Vladimir Fedortsov at +38 067 6541449 or follow the link
Get ready to answer all the questions that you will be asked: who are you, where are you from, why do you want to practice, age, etc. After that, we will consider your application for inclusion in the Mu Yuchun Online School.

Then, with a positive decision, we will answer all your questions about the further steps to join Mu Yuchun Online School.


You can find Vladimir Fedortsov in other popular messengers (Fedortsov Vladimir)
Viber, WhatsApp +38 063 2299447
Telegram +38 067 6541449
Facebook –


See you in class!