Грегори Еджичек, глава представительства Мирового банка в Украине

My experience with Master Mu Yui Chun.

I met Master Mu Yui Chun two years ago and from this time have participated in his wushu classes. I had very limited prior experience with martial arts. I tried to find a good Tai Chi teacher here in Ukraine and in the US when I lived before, but without success. It is extremely important, but at the same difficult, to find a good teacher, especially for so called internal martial arts. A poor teacher would be (at the best) useless, and (at the worst) could do some harm to you. There are no firm rules of recognizing a good teacher but I assure you that you immediately know one when you see him. In this sense I was extremely lucky to meet Master Mu Yui Chun. From the first meeting I knew that he was the real master – somebody knowing the real essence of his trade. Seeing him in action one can immediately understand how it is possible that internal martial arts are about relaxed and seemingly effortless movements but at the same time very dynamic and powerful. At the same time, Master Mu Yui Chun is a gentle person of great friendliness to people.

Studying with Master Mu Yui Chun has been for me a great satisfaction but at the same time a challenge. The satisfaction comes from visible, although not very fast, progress in improving flexibility of your body and getting much better control of it. I am basically not a very physically active person but after few months of working with the Master all the troubles of the bad posture, lower back pain, and stiffness of the muscles were gone. Also, there has been satisfaction at the higher intellectual level. For people interested in the Chinese culture, the internal martial arts are the sure practical way to truly understand the basic concepts of Chinese philosophy, such as yin and yang, or being strong without using much physical force. The challenge comes from the fact that to make progress one has really reprogram own body and mind to move differently, to use force differently, to relax differently. It takes time, but I assure you it is time well spent.

In sum, if you have this opportunity, go and ask Master Mu Yui Chun to teach you, and enjoy for the rest of your life!

Gregory Jedrzejczak
Head of the World Bank
Ukraine Office

Kiev, April 2, 2002