Seminars with Master Mu Yuchun in Transcarpathia 2021

Seminars with Master Mu Yuchun in Transcarpathia 2021

Two international seminars “Health with Mu Yuchun” on July 7-11, 2021 and “Martial arts” on July 15-17, 2021 will take place in Transcarpathia for two weeks. You can attend both seminars at once or separately.

Health, Wellbeing, Mu Yuchun, July, 2021
Health and Wellbeing with Mu Yuchun, July 7-11 2021

Health with Mu Yuchun, Transcarpathia, July 7-11, 2021

Martial arts with Master Mu Yuchun. 15-17 July 2021. Transcarpathia, Ukraine.

Martial Arts with Master Mu Yuchun. Transcarpathia, July 15-17, 2021

The venue for the seminars is one of the most picturesque places in Transcarpathia, Ukraine, 40 km from Uzhgorod, not far from the village of Bukivtsevo. The meadow is surrounded by 2 rivers with clean spring water.

Tent camp in the mountains of Transcarpathia at a seminar with Master Mu Yuchun, 2021
Tent camp, face to face with nature. However, we tried to equip the camp with warm water and showers.
Meals are cooked by each participant independently (more details at registration). A kitchen will be organized on the territory of our camp, where you can boil water and cook food on your own.

Trainings will be held daily in the morning and in the evening for 2-3 hours. The first workshop includes traditional Chinese massage and medicine. During the second seminar, you will gain knowledge about the internal styles of the Xingyiquan, Bajiquan, Bagua martial arts.

Master Mu Yuchun at a seminar in Transcarpathia. Seminar in Transcarpathia with Master Mu Yuchun

Health, Wellbeing, Mu Yuchun
Семинары с Мастером Му Юйчунем в Закарпатье 2021

Living in the same tent camp with Master Mu Yuchun is always interesting and enlightening.
Through Master Mu, you will be able to enter a spirit of a multimillennial experience of Chinese martial arts and practices. You will find out how all the accumulated knowledge can be used for health benefits.
A lecture on medicinal herbs of Transcarpathia will be delivered by an old-timer of these places, Pyotr Ganchak, who is also a healer and a vice-president of the Association of Traditions and Culture of China.
The most beautiful nature of Transcarpathia.
Seminars with Master Mu Yuchun The most beautiful nature of Transcarpathia.

Семинар в Закарпатье с Мастером Му Юйчунем
Семинар в Закарпатье с Мастером Му Юйчунем

Seminars with Master Mu Yuchun

Petro Ryaska will conduct drawing workshops for children and adults.

Also you will have a chance to enjoy stunning sunsets, mountain hiking, swimming in waterfalls and an ongoing master class in traditional Chinese cuisine from the Master Mu Yuchun.

Закарпатье, семинар, Му Юйчунь
Закаты на семинаре в Закарпатье с Мастером Му Юйчунем

Sunsets at a seminar in Transcarpathia with Master Mu Yuchun.

• We will meet on July 5, 2021 at the Uzhgorod railway station. A bus will be waiting for you, which will take everyone to the seminar site. We set up tents, settle down.
• On July 6th we settle down.
• July 7-11, 2021 – Seminar “Health with Mu Yuchun”;
• On July 13, a bus (transfer) picks up all the participants of the second seminar from the railway station of Uzhgorod and brings them to the venue of the seminar and takes all the participants of the first seminar to the railway station of Uzhgorod;
• July 12-14, 2021 – free time;
• July 15-17, 2021 – seminar “Martial arts”;
• July 18 – collection of things, departure to the Uzhgorod railway station by buses.

Закарпатье, Му Юйчунь, семинар
Красивейшая природа Закарпатья. Семинары с Мастером Му Юйчунем

Important recommendations while getting ready for the expedition
Mandatory equipment for the hike:

1. Rubber boots!
2. Sleeping pad.
3. Bring your own tent or ensure a place in the tent with friends. Be sure to check the readiness of the tent for the hike as follows:
• check the availability of all arcs, their serviceability;
• check the serviceability of the fasteners;
• the tent, rainfly and a bottom must be water resistant.
It is important to understand that the tent should not be designed for a light rest and picnic, but for a serious hike. If you are planning to buy a tent, we recommend that you do it in specialized stores.
4. Cutlery (mug, spoon, bowl, knife).
5. Utensils for cooking.
6. Sleeping bag.
7. Flashlight and battery supply.
8. Warm garments (sweater, socks, jacket, etc.) and rain and windproof clothing. The weather can be quite changeable: it can drop from heat to 3-7 degrees Celsius, it is important to be prepared for this.
10. Raincoat.
11. Individual first-aid kit (recommended in the first-aid kit: peroxide, bandage, activated charcoal, stomach pills, cold medicine, pain reliever, anti-bite medicine, disinfectants and individual preparations).
12. Gloves (to keep warm when exercising in the morning).
13. Cream or mosquito spray.
14. Important little things (toiletries).
15. Clothespins, clothesline.

You don’t need to take the following things whatsoever:
1. Cosmetics 🙂
2. Bad mood! 🙂

We are always ready to help you with any questions concerning your preparation for the trip.
Please, contact us at the following numbers:

1) Федорцов Владимир (Fedortsov Vladimir) Viber, WhatsApp +38 063 22-99-447
Telegram +38 067 654-14-49

2) Барнабаш (Barna)
Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram +38 066 611-77-77

3) Волкова Наталия (Volkova Natalia) Viber, WhatsApp,
Telegram +38 094 954-02-29

Route from Uzhgorod to the seminar venue:

семинар, Закарпатье, Мастер Му, Му Юйчунь, маршрут
Маршрут от Ужгорода до Букивцево на семинар с Мастером Му Юйчунем

Route from Uzhgorod to Bukivtsevo for a seminar with Master Mu Yuchun

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