Master Mu Yuchun is a teacher and “healer” of a very high level.

Read the review of Anna Nikova from Bulgaria, who attended a seminar with Master Mu Yuchun in November, 2019, Odessa, Ukraine.

Anna Nikova

“I’m from Varna, Bulgaria. I’m interested in TCM practices, doing Qi Gong.
A few months ago I found out that in November (2019) there would be a seminar by Master Mu Yunchun in Odessa and immediately agreed with my husband that we were going.

The fact is that even the dozen records of the Master on the Internet that I saw have already given me extremely useful information on recovery, and from them it is clear that Master Mu Yunchun is a teacher and “healer” of a very high level. I can only thank the Master and the organizers – Vladimir, Natasha, Zulfiya, who made it possible to communicate and learn from him live.

Му Юйчунь, семинар, здоровье, ушу, медицина, массаж
Seminar with Master Mu Yuchun, November 2019, Odesa, Ukraine

Energy, benevolence and knowledge just flow from the Master. He answered all questions, had time to joke and just charged us with positive.

Stick exercises are a wonderful practice for both beginners (like my husband) and more advanced ones. It’s good that you can record, view. It is very useful that after the seminars, the guys process all the material, add clear comments and then post it.

I can say that the three days of the seminar were one of the most memorable days for me in the past year. Not only because of what I managed to teach, but also because of communication with kind, smart and open people. I will do my best to come and study with the Master and his students in the future. Thanks a lot to all of them. I wish you health and happiness.”

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