Geneva. Health practices with Master Mu Yuchun and his students.

Health, Wellbeing, Mu Yuchun, Geneva, 2022

Practices for health and wellbeing with the famous Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts Mu Yuchun. A series of meetings that will begin on July, 2022, where Mu Yuchun (穆玉春) will share ancient Chinese knowledge about health and wellbeing, teach various systems of body movement, massage and self-massage techniques. The master will be accompanied … Read more

Paris, France. Sеminar “Health with Master Mu Yuchun”. January 27-29, 2023.

Mu Yuchun, Paris, health, 2023

Practical health exercises with the famous master of traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts  Mu Yuchun. The Master Mu will be accompanied by his senior students – the winner of the World and European championships in traditional wushu, Honored coach of Ukraine Vladimir Fedortsov, two-time European champion in traditional wushu Zulfiya Khazheyeva and Natasha Volkova. Seminars are good for … Read more